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"Our sweet secret" - My latest CM fanfic

New Story from Spring88 (moi!),

Criminal Minds

Words: 3,141
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Rated: T
Character: [E. Prentiss, D. Morgan] D. Rossi

Summary: Set during the 7th season, but not before 7x06 ‘Epilogue’ - David Rossi decides to help Derek out for an “outstanding issue” with Emily. Read to find out how… ;D - I’m sorry, summaries are not my cup of tea! - I don’t own anything (otherwhise M/P would be 1000% canon) - DEMILY (aka Morgan/Prentiss…surprising, huh!) - Please, R&R! Thank you.


Episode 10.03 - A Thousand Suns - Promo

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